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The government of Yemen and the separatists have agreed on the world

by alex

Правительство Йемена и сепаратисты договорились о мире

The government of Yemen and the separatists from the southern transitional Council (SAPS) have agreed on the world. It is reported by Al Jazeera.

The publication notes that the parties decided to implement the agreement after the requests of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh alone has prepared a resolution to accelerate the implementation of the armistice and gave it to the parties to the conflict. The government and the separatists agreed that UPS will cancel the self-government on the territory of the southern regions of the country and leave the military base in Aden.

The country also needs to create a new government — is to allocate 30 days. There including will include candidates from yups. One of the leaders of the separatists have already appointed Governor of Aden is a major transit port on the way to the Suez canal.

In mid-June, Saudi Arabia offered the government of Yemen and UPS to stop the fighting parties and to abolish self-government separatists in the South. Riyadh insisted that they resumed implementation of the peace agreements.

The conflict in Yemen continues, 2014. It involves the separatists, who are in 2017 and formed the southern transitional Council: initially they were on the government side and fought with the militants of the Shia “Ansar Allah”, but then, in 2019, captured Aden and began to fight against the government. The government, which is fighting the militants and yups, acting together with the international coalition headed by Saudi Arabia.

The conflict in Yemen has resulted in the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. According to the UN, more than 24 million people in the country need help, lost their homes more than three million people.

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