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USA told about the powerful Russian defense

by alex

США рассказали о мощной российской обороне

Moscow and Beijing are creating more anti-ballistic missile systems and to continually improve, which poses a threat to the United States. This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of defense published on its website.

“China and Russia (…) integrate [missile defense system] in their defense strategy as they compete with US”, — said the representative of the Pentagon. In his opinion, the sphere of missile defense — an important component of the rivalry between the great powers, and Moscow has a very powerful military resources.

In this case it strongly depends on Beijing, according to the Department. So, the Chinese government invested in the production of Russian systems s-300 and s-400, at the same time carefully studying the defense system.

July 28, Lieutenant General, U.S. air force Glen van Herc said that the new Russian submarines and cruise missiles pose a “serious problem” for Washington. He added that Russia and China had the opportunity to develop, watching US in all areas.

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