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Ukraine received confirmation of increasing air defense capabilities – Zelensky

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Украина получила подтверждение об увеличении возможностей ПВО — Зеленский

Ukraine has received part of the confirmation from the leaders of partner countries to strengthen Ukrainian air defense capabilities.

President Vladimir Zelensky announced this following the results of May 30.

New air defense systems

At the beginning of the address, Vladimir Zelensky thanked all the defenders of the Ukrainian sky, as well as the soldiers of mobile fire groups and the Ukrainian Air Force, who protect our cities and communities from Russian missiles and drones every day and every night.

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— Your efficiency, your accuracy, warriors are very important, and we are working as hard as possible to add strength and capabilities to our sky defense. There will be a lot of communication about this with partners in the near future — regarding new air defense systems and joint production, and in particular the production of drones — increasing volumes and attracting special investments in such production, — he said.

We are talking, in particular, about joint productions with Ukrainian partners, as well as about work in the Ukrainian state.

Vladimir Zelensky added that Ukraine already has some confirmation from leaders to increase our air defense capabilities.

— Main — implement them fully and add more relevant agreements, — he said.

Meetings and Peace Summit

The President of Ukraine also spoke about meetings with the Ukrainian foreign policy team on the necessary results of this June.

— We plan in detail the negotiations, meetings of our representatives, and the content of the documents. This applies to defense packages for Ukraine, new security agreements, and the Peace Summit. In fact, every day we are adding participants to the Summit and countering Russian attempts to disrupt or weaken the Summit, — he said.

The head of state added that now each representative of Ukraine has his own clear task — how to make the next month more productive for Ukraine.

— And every month, every week, every day we must add strength to our state, our society in defense, in our defense. It depends on everyone who works for the state and in the state, — he said.

Death of Irina Tsybukh

At the end of the address, the President remembered that Irina Tsybukh — died in the war on May 29 in the Kharkov direction. Hospitaler combat medic.

— One of those who not only defended the state, but also did everything so that others would join, train, and learn to be effective. And in matters of front-line medicine, and in matters of respect for Ukrainian soldiers — in matters of memorialization of the feat of Ukrainians. My condolences to all brothers and friends, all those close to Irina, everyone who knew her, and everyone whom she inspired to fight for the sake of Ukraine and get results for the sake of Ukraine, — he said.

Zelensky added that it remains important that the work of Irina Tsybukh and the efforts of all Ukrainian fallen heroes be continued.

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