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At least 15 shots: in Mexico, a mayoral candidate was shot dead at a meeting with voters

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По меньшей мере 15 выстрелов: в Мексике кандидата в мэры застрелили прямо на встрече с избирателями

A mayoral candidate was shot in Mexico/Collage 24 Channel

In the Mexican city of Coyuca de Benitez, mayoral candidate Jose Alfredo Cabrera Barrientos was shot dead at a meeting with voters. An unknown person shot the politician several times.

The tragedy occurred on May 29 at about 17:40 on the basketball court, where a meeting with voters was planned. What motivated the attacker’s actions is unknown.

A mayoral candidate was shot in Mexico

According to media reports, the mayoral candidate of the center-right Strength and Heart for Mexico alliance, Jose Alfredo Cabrera Barrientos, was shot dead during a meeting with voters. So, in the footage published online, you can see how the politician smiles and communicates with voters, and then shots are heard.

An unknown person shot at Barrientos when he turned his back to him. After this, several more shots were fired. In general, witnesses to the tragedy report 15 shots. No other casualties or injuries were reported.

As reported by the local prosecutor's office, the attacker was killed at the scene of the shooting. It is unknown what caused the attacker’s actions. By the way, elections in Mexico will be held on Sunday, June 2.

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