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Ukraine has called the disaster the Russian “Armor”

by alex

На Украине назвали катастрофой российский «Панцирь»

Improving the performance of a Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (zrpk) “Shell” by replacing human to automated elements, involving the use of artificial intelligence can lead to catastrophic consequences, Defense Express, believes.

The publication of the Ukrainian Agency noted that such innovation can lead to civilian casualties. In particular, according to Defense Express similar enhancements could be applied to Iran anti-aircraft missile complex “Thor” Russian production, which in January was hit by Ukrainian aircraft Boeing 737-800.

That “Shell” will have artificial intelligence system, in July, reported “Izvestia”.

In the same month in the publication Popular Mechanics has been criticized the idea of voice control Russian robot “Marker” on the battlefield, working in the advanced research Foundation. “Relying on armed Autonomous fighting machines might lead to unintended consequences, including civilian casualties,” wrote the American edition.

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