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In India, explained the “failure” of Russia and China

by alex

В Индии объяснили «неудачу» России с Китаем

The suspension of deliveries of anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400 Triumf from Russia to China is “bad” for both, explains The Economic Times.

Indian newspaper reminds that the official suspension due to the pandemic coronavirus infection, but in fact may be associated with the situation around scientist Valery Mitko.

“The suspension of Russian missiles s-400 to China comes after Moscow has previously accused Beijing of espionage, despite the fact that the two countries have maintained fairly good relations for many years”, — writes the edition.

In July the Polish portal Defence24 reported that the suspension of deliveries of s-400 “Triumph” from Russia to China may be associated not with the constraints caused by a coronavirus infection and the Sino-Indian border conflict.

In June 2020, the FSB was charged with treason, President of the Saint-Petersburg Arctic Academy of Sciences, 78-year-old Valery Mitko, who is suspected of giving China information on Russian developments in the field of hydroacoustics and methods of detecting submarines.

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