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The wounded Fico has been stabilized, but he is still in a very serious condition, doctors

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Раненого Фицо стабилизировали, но он все еще в очень серьезном состоянии, - врачи

Fico has been stabilized, but his condition is still serious/Collage 24 Channel (illustrative photo )

The hospital where the Slovak Prime Minister was operated on said that he had been stabilized. However, doctors noted that the politician’s condition is still quite serious.

On May 15, after a government meeting in Handlov, a 71-year-old resident of Levice shot at Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. With gunshot wounds to the stomach and arms, he was taken to Roosevelt Hospital in Banska Bystrica and operated on.

Stable condition, but serious

Hospital director Miriam Lapunikova reports that the operation lasted about five hours.

The patient’s condition is stabilized, but very serious,” she noted. improvement in Fico's condition. He added that more information will be officially announced during the day.

Also at 11:00 local time, an urgent meeting of the Security Council and a government meeting will convene in Bratislava in connection with the assassination attempt premiere.

What is known about the assassination attempt on Robert Fico

  • On the evening of May 15, 2024, Fico received 2 – 3 wounds in the limbs, chest and stomach. The media reported that 4 – 5 shots were fired.
  • It subsequently became known that Robert Fico was shot by the 71-year-old writer and one of the founders of the DÚHA literary club Juraj Cintula from the city of Levice . Journalists note that the shot was fired from a short-barreled slug gun, which the man legally owned.
  • The shooter was immediately detained. The Slovak writer stated that he did this because he did not agree with the government's policies.
  • A Slovak investigative journalist subsequently reported interesting details. According to him, striker Juraj Cintula was associated with the pro-Russian paramilitary group Slovenskí Branci (SB). Their leader was even trained by former Russian special forces

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