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Sanctions are in effect: what happened to the ship “Admiral Levchenko” in the Barents Sea

by alex

Sanctions are in effect: what happened to the ship “Admiral Levchenko” in the Barents Sea Victoria Grabovskaya

Санкции действуют: что произошло с кораблем "Адмирал Левченко" в Баренцевом море

On June 10, a large anti-submarine ship, the Admiral Levchenko, caught fire in the Barents Sea in Russia. The Russians spent a long time trying to extinguish the fire.

A representative of the Ukrainian Navy, Dmitry Pletenchuk, told Channel 24 that the ship does not pose a threat to Ukraine. However, the problems with the Admiral Levchenko arose precisely because of our country.

The problem was not solved

A representative of the Ukrainian Navy explained that this ship could not enter the Black Sea due to the Montreux Convention. The Turkish straits – the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles – are closed to this ship.

However, the case that caused this problem on a Russian ship is indicative – the lack of technical support from the country that produced these engines – Ukraine. They have been in operation for 10 years without appropriate proper maintenance, noted Pletenchuk.

Engines for Russian ships, according to him, were built in Ukraine – in Nikolaev, and when in 2014 were sanctions were introduced, service and sales ceased.

The Russians were even forced to sell two units of newly built ships to India because they could not be equipped with Ukrainian gas turbine engines. One of such installations is located on this ship,” he emphasized. ~to establish these technological processes, despite the fact that they even opened the corresponding plant 5 years ago and boasted that they allegedly “solved” this problem.

< p>“However, it turns out that they haven’t decided. Therefore, this is an interesting case in the context of the effect of sanctions, which are “only for the good,” noted Dmitry Pletenchuk.

More about the losses of the Russian fleet

  • Another Russian ship was destroyed in the waters of Lake Panskoye off the northwestern coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea. Maritime kamikaze drones MAGURA V5 sank the Russian tugboat of Project 498 “Saturn”. This ship was supposed to ensure the dominance of the Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea. .
  • Earlier, on May 30, two Russian KS-701 “Tuna” boats and two more vessels of the same type were hit in Crimea. The Russians used them for logistics and patrolling the waters near Crimea.
  • In total, as of March 2024, the Defense Forces destroyed 21 Russian ships and boats during the 19 months of the war.< /li>

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