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A man was sentenced to 60 years in prison for crimes against children: what did he do?

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Мужчину приговорили к 60 годам тюрьмы за преступления против детей: что он натворил

Many of the victims said that the man ruined their lives.

In the USA, a court sentenced a musician to 60 years in prison Jason Kyle Kirby of Texas, accused of creating illegal images and videos of children using hidden cameras in his home.

This is reported by Yahoo with reference to KTAB Abilene.

Kerby came to the attention of the FBI in the summer of 2023, when the Wisconsin Department of Police alerted the bureau to a man's involvement in a child pornography case. Through a search and arrest warrant, the FBI took Kerby into custody at his Abilene home on August 28.

The man admitted to the FBI that he had hidden cameras in his home and bathroom to uploading photos and videos of his wife on various social media voyeur platforms without her knowledge. Kerby also admitted to taking illegal photos and videos of the child using “hidden cameras that he placed in air vents, electrical outlets, and a USB charger he purchased on Amazon”.

Additionally, court documents state Kerby's admission of sexually abusing this child over several years.

The FBI charged the musician with receiving and distributing child pornography, possessing child porn, and producing it. The man was taken into custody without bail because he was a flight risk.

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Last October, additional charges were filed in the Kirby case: distribution of child pornography, receipt of child porn, possession of child porn involving a minor, transportation child porn, production of child porn (2 counts), and distribution of a controlled substance with intent to commit a violent crime.

In U.S. District Court in Abilene on June 10, Kerby was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison. If the criminal is ever released, the judge said , will spend the rest of his life on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Several victims took more than an hour to read their statements about Kirby's influence on his victims. Many of the victims said the man had ruined their lives and that they would never be able to avoid new people on the dark web who would find illegal photos and videos of the victims as children.

By the way, earlier it became known that a man from Norway communicated with the model on OnlyFans for several months and regularly bought intimate photos from her, until it turned out that the girl was his daughter.

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