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Russians warned against changing SIM card settings

by alex

Russians warned against changing SIM card settings

You shouldn't touch the SIM-card settings in the phone. If you make a careless action, then it will be impossible to return the phone to factory settings without the help of a qualified technician. Olga Timofeeva, Chief Operating Officer of Gamesup42, warned Russians about this in an interview with the Prime agency.

In addition, by changing the settings, you can lose access to the Internet or mobile communications. “You need to be very careful with subscriptions or paid services – you shouldn't try to disable them if they are built into the SIM card menu by the operator,” the expert explained.

She also added that you should not use developer mode to independently make changes to the gadget's functionality. According to Timofeeva, this section is needed for setting up smartphones in production. If you change something there, it can lead to malfunctions or damage to the phone.

Earlier, therapist Olesya Nabokova assessed the effect of smartphones on human memory. According to her, due to the frequent use of gadgets, people began to remember less information. To keep the memory in good shape, the doctor advised to do small exercises.

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