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Xiaomi will release a transparent monitor

by alex

Xiaomi will release a transparent monitor

Xiaomi has planned the production and release of a monitor with a transparent screen. This is reported by the Chinese edition of MyDrivers, citing anonymous sources.

According to the report, the company intends to introduce a transparent monitor in 2021. Xiaomi managers made this decision after noticing consumer interest in the Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition TV model. The new device will receive a 27-inch OLED matrix from Samsung. As in the case of a transparent TV, due to the precise arrangement of the components located at the bottom of the device, the monitor will receive a transparent matrix.

The new device will be positioned as a flagship ultra high end monitor. The price of the device is not named, but sources are sure that a monitor with a transparent panel will be very expensive.

The report also states that Xiaomi has already sent the model for development. The company also held talks with suppliers to set up the production chain and agreed to distribute a premium monitor.

Earlier, the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun (Lei Jun) said that the company does not plan to release a smartphone with a transparent body like the Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition. The Xiaomi TV with a 55-inch translucent OLED panel was unveiled in mid-August. The cost of the device was 49,999 yuan, or about 555,000 rubles.

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