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Windows update broke sleep mode

by alex

Windows update broke sleep mode

Windows users have complained about problems with shutting down computers after the next OS update. This is reported by the Windows Latest edition with reference to messages on the Microsoft forum and in social networks.

Some users have noticed that they cannot put their computer to sleep. In particular, complaints come from laptop owners. “When I close the computer lid, press the shutdown or sleep button, only the screen turns off, and the PC continues to work,” said one Microsoft forum user. According to him, an unknown breakdown interferes with comfortable work on the computer.

The journalists of the publication found out that the problem with shutting down the computer is related to the Windows update. The system process MoUsoCoreWorker.exe, which is responsible for downloading and installing Windows updates, prevents the sleep mode from starting. Experts talked about two ways to solve the problem. According to the first, the user needs to configure a schedule for receiving updates. The second is that computer owners who are experiencing a problem must go to the Services application, find the Windows Update process, and restart it.

It is not yet known when Microsoft engineers will fix the problem. The journalists noticed that for the first time complaints about the inoperative sleep mode began to appear after the release of a series of Windows updates in May.

In early September, Microsoft representatives acknowledged a problem with the Internet connection of Windows laptops, related to one of the latest updates. Earlier, users of laptops with WWAN LTE modems said they faced persistent network problems that translate into a lack of Internet connection.

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