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Russia will arm 46 su-30СМ2 and Yak-130 for 100 billion rubles

by alex

Россия вооружится 46 Су-30СМ2 и Як-130 за 100 миллиардов рублей

Russia’s armed forces until the end of the year will sign an agreement to purchase 46 aircraft su-30СМ2 and Yak-130, reports TASS, citing the statement of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu.

“We made the decision and will sign this year in addition to the two existing state contract worth more than 100 billion rubles, which will be built 21 su-25 30СМ2 and combat training aircraft Yak-130”, — said the head of the military Department.

Of this amount about 70 billion rubles for the su-30СМ2.

Shoigu added that following the agreement on su-30 for a total amount of 7.2 billion rubles will involve the repair of these fighters.

In August, “Izvestia”, citing experts, said that the su-30CM will have a heavy rocket class “air-surface”, created in the framework of development work “Adaptation-su”. The newspaper notes that, most likely, we are talking about adaptation liquid hypersonic missile X-32, previously used on the Tu-22M3.

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