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Named ways to protect yourself from Scam calls

by alex

Названы способы защититься от звонков мошенников

Roskoshestvo said that from the telephone calls of fraud can be prevented using built-in smartphone tools and third-party applications. It is stated in the report on the organization’s website.

According to experts, each having your Russian is at risk. Most scammers are attacking subscribers who use one phone number for several years, so they have time to get in a few attacker bases. During a call, the scammers may try to impersonate employee of a Bank or other organization and even call subscriber by name.

According to a study Roskoshestvo, Android and iOS have built-in tools to protect you from unwanted calls. In particular, on Android, the bleeping unknown calls implemented on smartphones Xiaomi and Huawei. For devices of other manufacturers have to use other methods of dealing with unwanted calls. In iOS there is a function “Mute unknown” when a call from a stranger will be immediately transferred to Voicemail.

To protect yourself from fraud at the level of third-party software, Roskoshestvo advised to use the services of applications that determine the number. In particular, such functions have services, “Kaspersky Lab”, “2GIS”, “Yandex”. As these applications request access to the phone book of the subscriber, the organization recommends a cautious approach to the selection automatic number identification.

Experts remarked that to restrict unwanted calls capable and mobile operators “the big four”. Services are checked against a detailed database of phone numbers and tell the user a possible name of the caller. Usually providers give similar services separately.

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