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Home News “Putin angered China”: the OP said why the Kremlin angered Beijing

“Putin angered China”: the OP said why the Kremlin angered Beijing

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“Putin angered China”: the OP said why the Kremlin enraged Beijing Petro Blue-eyed

"Путин разозлил Китай": в ОП сказали, чем Кремль взбесил Пекин

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< strong _ngcontent-sc107>China continues to cooperate with Russia. But certain actions of dictator Vladimir Putin there cause irritation.

About this 24 Channel said Advisor to the Chairman of the OPU Mikhail Podolyak, noting that cooperation between Russia and China continues. In particular, cooperation is also taking place in the field of drone construction.

It’s bad that the West is not consistent in this situation. He condemns the aid that China provides to the aggressor country. But Western companies themselves sometimes cooperate with Russia.

In the West they say that there is cooperation between China and Russia. Why might it not exist? What are the negative consequences for China? Today, the DPRK, despite prohibitions and even UN resolutions, transferred 5 million shells to Russia. What punishment did the DPRK receive? None. So why should anyone refuse such a speculative market? – said Podolyak.

This also applies to other states. In particular, the UAE, Turkey, etc. They do not want to give up the speculative market, where they can get reduced prices for raw materials, sell their own goods, etc. At the same time, some European countries also continue to cooperate with Russia. To prevent this from happening, there must be serious penalties for such activities.

Why Russia angered China

As Podolyak noted, some of Putin’s actions really irritate China. Now the Russian dictator is ignoring the so-called “peacekeeping initiatives” expressed by Beijing. There they propose a ceasefire. And Putin actually proposes that Ukraine do this unilaterally – and only then, perhaps, will there be negotiations. This is a truly inadequate position

Situationally, the war completely suits China, because it makes it possible to redistribute political and economic influence and increase its influence. But a long and high-intensity war does not suit China because it affects its reputation. If he is so powerful, then why can’t he influence a country that is completely dependent on him,” Podolyak noted.

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