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Kuleba named two things needed to turn the war in Ukraine around

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Кулеба назвал две вещи, необходимые для перелома войны в Украине

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine needs two decisions that can turn the tide of military action.

He outlined his vision in an interview with the Lithuanian publication LRT.

War in Ukraine — Kuleba's position

According to him, Ukraine is taking all necessary measures to gain advantages on the battlefield.

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At the same time, not everything depends on Kyiv, a number of decisions must be agreed upon by international partners.

The first that I would name is the destruction of Russian bombers at airfields and in the air. This is a real sore point for the ground forces of our army.

The main reason for Russia's success is the endless number of guided bombs dropped on our ground forces. They destroy and kill on a large scale, and sometimes they simply raze positions to the ground and there is nothing left to defend, — said the head of the MFA.

The second solution that can restore the balance of power in favor of the Defense Forces is sufficient supply of ammunition to the Ukrainian army.

— If we protect our forces from Russian-controlled bombs, if we have enough artillery and ammunition to destroy moving Russian columns and units, this will be a huge investment in changing the situation on the battlefield, — emphasized Kuleba.

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