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NATO considered vulnerable to the impact of the Russian superweapon at Thule

by alex

НАТО сочли беззащитным перед ударом российского супероружия по Туле

The North Atlantic Alliance has nothing to oppose to the Russian superweapon in the Arctic. This writes the Danish newspaper Berlingske.

The publication explains that the region is completely defenseless against hypersonic missiles “Dagger”. “This is not pure fiction, and, perhaps, what Russia is capable of today. We don’t know exactly how far it can fly “Dagger”, but with her speed, accuracy and range of at least a thousand kilometers, it changes the balance of power in the region”, — said the author of the material.

The article notes that a likely target for hypersonic missiles could become Greenland in General and, in particular, the us airbase of Thule, which is located a radar warning NATO about missile attack.

In the autumn of 2019, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the country continues to develop advanced weaponry and after has created a unique hypersonic weapons. Thus, according to the Russian leader, the task of the latest Russian weapons systems is only to ensure security in the face of growing threats.

In March 2018, during address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian leader presented the latest weapons. Among other things, was demonstrated aircraft missile complex “Dagger”. Later it became known that the “Daggers” are used on the MiG-31K, is also planned in the future to equip their upgraded strategic Tu-22M3M — in this case, the range of application of the complex is estimated at three thousand kilometers.

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