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The number of fragments of the exploded tank in orbit “Frigate” has tripled

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Число обломков взорвавшегося на орбите бака «Фрегата» увеличилось втрое

The number of fragments drop tank of the Russian upper stage “Fregat-SB”, which exploded in may in space has nearly tripled. About it reports RIA Novosti, citing data from the U.S. air force.

According to the us military, immediately after the explosion the tank was formed 65 the wreckage. Now in space recorded 175 debris.

Roscosmos, in turn, confirmed the fact of destruction of the tank of the upper stage “Fregat”. However, the representatives of the organization believe that the fragments do not represent a danger for the International space station (ISS), nor for the Russian satellites.

Earlier it was reported that the wreckage of the upper stage “Fregat-SB” shattered into thousands of kilometers. The wreckage was recorded at altitudes of up to 2574 5101 kilometres. In this tank before the explosion was in orbit with an altitude of from 422 to 3606 kilometres.

The explosion of the tank “Fregat-SB” in may, Twitter announced 18 squadron space surveillance air force of the United States.

According to open sources, the discharged tank exploded belonged to the booster unit of the Ukrainian medium-heavy rocket “Zenit-3SLБФ”, which in July 2011 from the Baikonur cosmodrome launched the Russian space telescope “Spektr-R”.

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