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Military companies from Europe decided to abandon us technology

by alex

Военные компании из Европы решили отказаться от американских технологий

European companies in the production of weapons decided to abandon the use of American technology. It is reported by Welt am Sonntag.

They were not satisfied with US efforts to control the production, created with the help of American technology and attempts to limit its exports.

Companies from Germany and France intend to conduct their own research and regardless of the United States to create helicopters, assault rifles and the new European fighter.

Earlier it was reported that the American company Remington, which is the oldest in the USA, the gun manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy. Arms sales enterprises was reduced by half compared with the year 2016, to 437,5 million dollars, despite the growth in demand due to civil protests and unrest in the United States. The company has accumulated debts of 250 million dollars.

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