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In India 10 people are unable to buy alcohol, drank the sanitizer, and died

by alex

В Индии 10 человек не смогли купить алкоголь, выпили санитайзер и умерли

Ten people died in the Indian city after consuming alcohol-based disinfectant for hands. About it reports Sky News.

According to the publication, the dead decided to drink the sanitizer, as the local alcohol stores were closed in connection with the restrictive measures associated with the spread of coronavirus infection. “Some people who are heavily dependent on alcohol, consumed disinfectant for hands,” said a senior police officer in the district of Siddharth Kaushal (Siddharth Kaushal).

“Alcohol is unavailable due to measures related to the spread of the coronavirus, but sanitizers for hands and easily available.” According to Kaushal, a few other people who also drank disinfectant, was discharged from the hospital.

He also added that some of those who died had other health problems. According to the newspaper Hindustan Times, the families of the victims told police that they had lost consciousness a few hours after drinking sanitizer. The number of the use their money is unknown. Local media reported that the victims were between 25 to 65 years.

Earlier it became known about the Russian, who decided to prove the Flammability of the sanitizer and burned man.

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