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In the United States called “the last gift” trump Putin

by alex

В США назвали «последний подарок» Трампа Путину

The decision on the withdrawal of more than a third of US troops from Germany — perhaps the “last gift” from the current US President Donald trump Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This opinion was expressed by analyst Nick Robertson in the text to CNN.

The expert believes that the gifts of the American head of the geopolitical enemies of the United States does not continue throughout his presidency. And a particularly serious error, he believes the decision on the redeployment of troops of the European command.

According to Robertson, Trump took a couple seconds to announce his decision, but “may take years to fix the damage that this will cause a military Alliance”.

Earlier, trump questioned the need to protect Germany from Russia. According to him, this is weird, considering that Berlin Moscow pays billions of dollars a year for energy. Besides, the US President pointed to the fact that Germany is in no hurry to spend a sufficient amount of budget funds for contributions to NATO.

July 29, U.S. Secretary of defense mark Esper reported that the Pentagon will withdraw from Germany, about 11.9 thousand military personnel stationed there, and will move the headquarters of the European command of the US forces in Belgium. From roaming military about 5,6 thousand will go to other NATO countries, and 6.4 thousand will return to the U.S. and will be in Europe on a rotational basis. They will serve including in the East and in the Black sea to deter Russia.

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