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Kim Jong-un's sister calls South Korea's military exercises 'suicidal hysteria'

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Kim Jong-un's sister called South Korea's military exercises “suicidal hysteria” Liliya Petrovich

Сестра Ким Чен Ына назвала боевые учения Южной Кореи "суицидальной истерией"

The sister of the North Korean leader Kim Yo Jong warned South Korea against continuing military exercises on the border with the DPRK/Channel 24 Collage

Over the past two Weeks ago, South Korea resumed shooting exercises near its land and sea borders with North Korea. This is the first exercise of sorts since South Korea in June suspended a 2018 agreement with North Korea aimed at reducing military tensions along the front line.

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called South Korea's live-fire exercises on the front line “suicidal hysteria” and warned of forced measures in case of further provocations.

What Kim Jong-un's sister accuses the South Korean government of

Kim Yo Jong accused the conservative government of South Korea of ​​deliberately escalating tensions, calling it a way to avoid an internal political crisis, and threatened for such actions.

The question is why the enemy started such military exercises near the border, a suicidal hysteria for which he will have to endure a terrible disaster – Kim Yo Jong said in a statement carried by state media.

She said the riskiness of the South Korean exercises was obvious to everyone, as they were carried out against the backdrop of a “risky situation” that arose after the recent trilateral military exercises between the United States, South Korea and Japan, which North Korea views as a threat to its own security.

In the event that, according to our criteria, they are found to have violated (North Korea's) sovereignty and committed an act amounting to a declaration of war, our armed forces will immediately carry out their mission and the obligations imposed on them by the (North Korean) constitution,” she said without unnecessary details. in South Korea, saying North Korea must first address its own human rights abuses and the international isolation caused by its nuclear program.

South Korea's Ministry of Defense separately said that will continue live-fire exercises as scheduled. However, they have not announced when or where new exercises are planned.

In early June, South Korea completely suspended the 2018 inter-Korean military pact after North Korea launched air strikes across the border balloons filled with manure, cigarette butts and waste paper to protest against South Korean activists who used their balloons to drop political leaflets in the North.

Military agreement reached in brief era of reconciliation between Koreas, demanded that the two countries cease all hostile activities in border areas, such as live-fire exercises, aerial surveillance and psychological warfare. The agreement was already in jeopardy as both Koreas took steps to break it amid hostility over North Korea's launch of a spy satellite last November.

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