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Iran agreed to pay compensation for the downed Ukrainian plane

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Иран согласился выплатить компенсацию за сбитый украинский самолет

Tehran has agreed to the payment of compensation in connection with the crash of Ukrainian passenger plane in January 2020. This was stated by the official representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi, reports RIA Novosti.

However, he warned that the implementation of this issue “will take time and has different aspects from technical and legal points of view.” Mousavi also added that the negotiations on compensations for the victims of Ukrainians will continue.

On July 12, the civil aviation organization of Iran has published the updated report, devoted to the investigation of the crash Boeing Ukrainian. It said that the complex of antiaircraft defense (air defense) brought down the airliner by mistake: shortly before the accident, replaced it, and the migration of data is not conducted due to human error. This allegedly led to errors in data when it encounters a plane.

Boeing 737-800 of the company “Ukraine International airlines” crashed, taking off from Tehran airport on the morning of 8 January. Killed 176 people, including citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan as well as nine crew members. Iran acknowledged that the plane was shot down by mistake.

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