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Biden questioned the effectiveness of vaccines against coronavirus

by alex

Байден усомнился в эффективности вакцины от коронавируса

Joe Biden

Former Vice-President and most likely Democratic candidate in the presidential election Joe Biden questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine against coronavirus. On Friday, July 31, Fox News reports.

According to him, all developments are required to be “transparent” to the American experts could monitor the process. According to Biden, people gradually cease to believe the words uttered by the President of Donald trump about the new vaccine.

Biden also said he did not understand how all the American citizens will be provided with the development. However, he noted the importance of fully providing the population with medicines.

As at 31 July total worldwide identified 17.2 million are infected with coronavirus. Most of the victims of the infection was in the United States — 152 062 people.

On the eve of the American infectious disease specialist, chief expert of the working group on the fight against mers in the U.S. Dr. Anthony Fauci called the ways to stop the spread of coronavirus. In his opinion, COVID-19 can be defeated if people will learn to wear masks, observe a minimum distance of two meters, and also to wash their hands.

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