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Disclosed is the route of the detainees in Belarus Russians

by alex

Раскрыт маршрут задержанных в Белоруссии россиян

Dmitry Mezentsev

Detainees in Belarus, the Russians, whom the Republic’s authorities believe the fighters of private military companies (PMCs) Wagner, planned to fly from Minsk to Istanbul. The route of citizens uncovered, the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev; his statement is on the website of the Embassy.

Mezentsev said that the Russians had intended to fly from Minsk on 25 July and “is not believed to be in the Republic of how whatever a long time”. Later they hoped to return to Moscow from another state by plane, bypassing the territory of Belarus, the diplomat added. However, on the day of departure, the Russians was late for a flight.

“The reason for their arrival in the country was contracted with one of the commercial firms (the Embassy has no data on it), which was here in Belarus, and each of the guests Russians had with this venture working agreement,” — said Mezentsev.

In the same statement, it is assumed that the detainees in the Republic of Russians can be employees of a private security company (PSC) dedicated to the protection of energy infrastructure and resources abroad. The foreign Ministry of Belarus sent a note with the requirement to provide access of consular officials to the detainees.

A team of 32 Russians, who were called mercenaries, detained in a sanatorium near Minsk on July 29. They drew attention to themselves not typical for Russian tourists behavior and monotonous clothing in military style. Also one person was arrested in the South of Belarus. It is argued that they all belong to the PMCs Wagner. In their attitude checks, the Investigative Committee of Belarus.

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