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In the US, spoke about “science fiction” technologies of Russia

by alex

В США рассказали о «фантастических» технологиях России

Dmitry Rogozin

Recent statements by the Director General of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin about Russia’s space technology is not confirmed the real state of things, in particular, the current modern technology that support the declared state, and therefore belong to the realm of science fiction, writes Ars Technica.

“The leader of the civil space program of Russia is growing more distant from reality. In recent months the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, in a number of interviews gave all sorts of big promises regarding the supposed bright future of the Russian space program,” believe in the American edition.

As “fantastic” claims the Manager called the opportunity of Russia for a few years to send a manned mission to the moon or Mars, and create “real” reusable missile, which by its characteristics superior to the American “Polonnaruwa” Falcon 9.

“It is unclear what steps Russia has taken in relation to reuse. The reality is that Russia depends on a reliable, but older technology to get into space”, — notes the edition.

Ars Technica concludes that the possible budget sequestration “Roscosmos” will further reduce the development of Russia’s promising media.

Earlier in August, Rogozin, in particular, spoke about “armchair idiots”, admires the achievements of the U.S. space launches. The head of state Corporation also said that it allows the existence of life on Mars and other planets of the Solar system. He said that life “is not in the form of the Martians some, and some cells, germs”.

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