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The EU is thinking about sanctions against “those responsible for the violence” in Belarus

by alex

Евросоюз задумался о санкциях против «ответственных за насилие» в Белоруссии

The European Union (EU) thinking on the measures against the Belarusian authorities, if they do not establish a dialogue with the opposition and will not stop the violence in the country. This is stated in the statement of the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell.

The EU believes that relations with Minsk enterprises can deteriorate “without progress in human rights and the rule of law.” So, Borrell stressed that the elections in Belarus cannot be considered free or fair, and the government of the Republic used violence against its own citizens.

“Against this background, we will evaluate the actions of the Belarusian authorities to settle the [protests] and will carry out a profound analysis of the EU’s relations with Minsk. We can also take action against those responsible for the violence, arbitrary arrest and falsification of results of elections”, — the document says.

On August 10, recognized by Russia and several other States the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko declared that the demonstrations in the Belarusian cities provoked by the “puppeteers” from the West.

Evening of August 9, Belarus broke out to protest. In the center of Minsk, clashes with Riot police. The demonstrations were repressed using tear gas, stun grenades, smoke grenades. According to official figures, suffered 39 of the security forces and civilians. more than 50 human rights activists reported one dead party protests.

According to the CEC, Lukashenko won 80,23% of the votes. His main rival Svetlana Tikhanovski — 9.9 percent. She said it would not recognize the results.

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