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Found a simple method for the treatment of coronavirus

by alex

Найден простой способ лечения коронавируса

Scientists at northwestern University in the US found a vulnerability in the coronavirus S-protein, which plays a key role in the infection of SARS-CoV-2 healthy cells. The discovery indicates the potential of a relatively simple way of treatment and prevention. This was reported in ACS Nano.

S-protein, or protein”spike” that contains the site of recognition, which also enables the virus to attach to receptors on the surface of the host cell and get inside. The researchers found that nearby ten nanometers, from the actual site of binding is the polybasic cleavage site, providing a strong link between viral proteins and receptors. This allowed us to synthesize a molecule that is attached to the cleavage site and inhibits the binding of the virus and human cells.

According to scientists, blocking the site of cleavage can serve as an effective preventive measure that reduces the ability of the virus to infect humans.

The functions of the polybasic cleavage site of yet remain unknown, although previous studies have shown that they are necessary for virulence of the coronavirus. This site can be cleaved by an enzyme forenom, which is found in abundance in the lungs, which explains why SARS-CoV-2 poses a risk to the lower respiratory tract.

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