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“Considers himself very influential,” Podolyak blasted Carlson’s statement about an interview with Zelensky

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Considers himself very influential, – Podolyak blasted Carlson’s statement about an interview with Zelensky Petro Sineokiy

Считает себя очень влиятельным, – Подоляк разнес заявление Карлсона об интервью с Зеленским

No agreement with Tucker Carlson there was no interview with Vladimir Zelensky. This was a certain manipulation.

The chairman's advisor told Channel about this 24 OPU Mikhail Podolyak, noting that there is nothing to talk about here at all. There were no arrangements for an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Why Carlson started talking about the interview

As Podolyak noted, this is a common technology. He considers himself an extremely powerful person who can push and get what he wants.

From Carlson’s point of view, this technology is clear to me. You consider yourself a powerful and influential blogger who has significant influence on certain electoral audiences. And you make such a public information message that you supposedly agreed. Now you expect that they will call you and say: “Let’s do something then,” Podolyak said.

Zelensky gives quite a lot of interviews for the American audience. They are broadcast on various media platforms. Some work for Democrats, some work for Republicans. From CNN to Fox News.

According to Podolyak, both the Democratic and Republican parties now realize how threatening Russia is. If she does not lose, then the global security system will be rebuilt. And this will be a painful blow for the USA.

I think in America there is a complete understanding of what kind of war this is; who is the aggressor; why this aggressive war of Russia continues; what are the risks for America if this war is incorrectly finalized, but is partially finalized, as it was in 2014,” Podolyak emphasized.

Carlson's statement about the interview with Zelensky: briefly

  • The scandalous American journalist Tucker Carlson wrote on the social network X about a possible interview with Vladimir Zelensky.
  • Then the press secretary of the President of Ukraine Sergei Nikiforov denied information about Zelensky’s interview with Carlson. He recommended that the journalist “check his sources in the FSB more carefully.”
  • In February 2024, Carlson arrived in Russia, where he recorded an interview with Putin. During the conversation, the dictator justified the war he started in Ukraine.

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