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Windows hacked with themes

by alex

Windows hacked with themes

Revealed a way to hack Windows using self-made themes. This is reported by the Bleeping Computer edition with reference to cybersecurity expert Jimmy Bayne.

The specialist found a way to remotely hack Windows computers using theme files with the .theme extension. To do this, an attacker only needs to edit the theme file and add information there to connect to a specific remote server. This method of compromising computers is called a Pass-the-hash attack and is common in the cyber environment.

Bane noted that at the beginning of the year he talked about a dangerous vulnerability in Microsoft, but the company replied that they did not consider the problem described by the specialist as relevant.

The journalists stressed that with the help of themes for Windows, OS users can fine-tune the visual interface of the operating system by changing the standard desktop image, splash screen, cursor, and system sounds. OS users can also share their own theme with other owners of a copy of Windows.

Earlier, Bleeping Computer talked about a way to infect a Windows computer using the built-in antivirus. An innovation, available in one of the latest OS system updates, allowed malware to be loaded onto a device. At the same time, the antivirus remains operational and will be able to identify infected software.

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