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USA rehearsed breakthrough Russian air defense

by alex

США отрепетировали прорыв ПВО России

F-35A Lightning II. Archive photo

Air force of the United States on August 4-6, conducted the exercises, which were involved in such a stealth machine like the fifth generation fighter F-35A Lightning II and F-22 Raptor, and the strategic bomber B-2 Spirit and RQ-170 Sentinel, reports The Drive.

The publication notes that in addition to the event took part of the fourth generation fighter F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft and electronic warfare EA-18G Growler naval forces.

The purpose of the rehearsal is called testing tactics and techniques-interaction techniques to suppress and break the air defense (PVO) of the imaginary enemy, involving the use of stealth fighters and drones, with the support of electronic warfare.

In September 2019, commander of US air forces in Europe Jeffrey Harrigan stated that the Pentagon has a plan to break through multi-layered air defense of the Kaliningrad region.

In August 2018 Harrigan argued that the last two years, the United States actively collect data on Russian military technology and its capabilities in Syria.

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