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Undermining support for Ukraine: ISW analyses how Orban is advancing negotiations with Russia

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Undermines support for Ukraine: ISW analyzed how Orban is promoting negotiations with Russia Anzhelika Baybak

Подрывает поддержку Украины: в ISW проанализировали, как Орбан продвигает переговоры с Россией

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is likely , seeks to redirect Western attention to possible peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine to end the war. In addition, his efforts are aimed at undermining support for Ukraine.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War say a number of factors point to this. In particular, Orban’s article in which he accuses NATO of supporting the war.

How Orban is promoting the narrative of negotiations with Russia

The Institute for the Study of War says that Orban continues to position himself as a potential “mediator” to end the war between Russia and Ukraine. And although Putin opposes any negotiations, the Hungarian prime minister is working on his own narrative.

So, Orban is trying to shift attention from supporting Ukraine to negotiations to end the war. The other day, the Hungarian Prime Minister published an article in Newsweek in which he accused the Alliance of “choosing conflict” rather than peace. Orban noted that NATO was created precisely to maintain peace. Interestingly, Orban's article appeared after his visits to Kyiv and Moscow.

Orban's efforts to push for negotiations are likely part of his ongoing efforts move the European focus to discussions about peace negotiations, and not to discussions about military support for Ukraine, ISW analysts suggest.

In addition, ISW recalled that the Hungarian Prime Minister is constantly trying undermining EU efforts to provide military assistance, and also shifting Europe's focus away from military assistance contributes to this broader goal now that Hungary holds the EU Council Presidency.

“Orbán's Calls and others to negotiations and the Ukrainian peace formula are different efforts with different goals, and Putin has demonstrated that he is not interested in any agreements other than the surrender of Ukraine,” the analysts added.

The report adds that in addition to Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey propose to become mediators in peace negotiations. Representatives of these countries call for “diplomacy to be given priority.

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