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U.S. Air Force named site of future war

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U.S. Air Force named site of future war

Charles Brown Jr.

The chief of staff of the United States Air Force (Air Force), Charles Brown Jr., named the likely site of a future major war involving the country. Defense News recalls the corresponding publication of the first black chief of staff in the history of the United States Air Force.

According to Brown, the war of the future involving the United States will not be like the conflicts of the past two decades. “The war of the future will not stay far from our shores,” he suggested.

The military is confident that the corresponding conflict with the participation of the United States over combat losses and existential risks for the nation will resemble what happened to the country during the Second World War.

In a publication dedicated to Brown, Jr., the publication notes that the new chief of staff will have to face opposition from congressmen opposing the closure of military bases with outdated aircraft in their districts. Defense News also notes that the main modernization costs during the leadership of Brown Jr. will fall on the military-industrial company Northrop Grumman, which is responsible for the creation of new B-21 Raider heavy strategic bombers and the new Ground Based Strategic Deterrent intercontinental missiles.

In September, Valerie Insinna, a journalist for the American edition of Defense News, spoke about a visit to the Combat Operations Center, created at the United States Naval Aviation Andrews Base, where she observed a simulated operation of a “revolutionary combat control system”, during which Washington's response to an attack by a potential adversary was shown probably Moscow.

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