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Trump's rival will be given money to win in one state

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Trump's rival will be given money to win in one state

The rival of the current American President Donald Trump, Joe Biden, will be given $ 100 million. Writes about this The Washington Post.

The former mayor of New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg decided to donate money. They have to go to the Florida Democratic nomination campaign.

According to Bloomberg's advisor Kevin Shiki, the billionaire will provide the Democrat's headquarters with the opportunity to send additional funds to the election race. “Voting in Florida will begin on September 24, so we need to quickly pour capital into this state. Mike believes that such investments will allow the resources of Democrats in other states to be used, ”Shiki said.

It is noted that part of the donation will go to television advertising in English and Spanish, as well as to fund existing campaign projects. Florida is one of the “hesitant” states, the victory of one or another candidate in the elections often depends on voting there.

On September 2, it became known that Trump spent a record amount on Internet advertising – $ 64.7 million. The president's spending exceeded the previous record set by Michael Bloomberg. In 2020, he spent $ 62.2 million on the election campaign.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3. The Republican Party will elect incumbent President Donald Trump, and Democrats will support former Vice President Joe Biden.

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