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Trump revealed the cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union

by alex

Трамп раскрыл причину распада СССР

U.S. President Donald trump revealed the cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union in an interview with reporters. About it writes “Interfax”.

As says the American leader, the Soviet Union allegedly killed unsuccessful war in Afghanistan. So, the Soviet authorities have lost a huge amount of money and human lives.

“If you think about Russia, you will understand that it was Russia, and ceased to be the USSR because of Afghanistan,” said trump.

For this reason, he expressed doubts that Russia could cooperate with the terrorist Taliban (an organization banned in Russia) and to transfer money for attacks on the US military.

Previously, trump said that did not talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the alleged collusion of Moscow with the Taliban. Trump said that he spoke with the Russian leader on other topics, and said that information about cooperation of the Russian side with the Taliban, “many are called fake news.”

The New York Times on 26 June, citing intelligence reported that the Russian military intelligence secretly offered to pay for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Thus, Moscow allegedly wanted to disrupt the peace talks between the USA and terrorists.

In Russia, accusations are called unfounded. The accuracy of the information was difficult to confirm and various American agencies: not all of the U.S. intelligence community believes the evidence is sufficiently convincing.

Afghan war (1979-1989) – a military conflict on the territory of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA). The conflict took place between the government forces of Afghanistan and the armed formations of the Afghan Mujahideen.

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