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Poland was accused of failure to reimburse damages to victims of the Nazis

by alex

Польшу обвинили в невозмещении ущерба жертвам нацистов

The ghetto in Theresienstadt

The U.S. state Department has accused several countries of Central and Eastern Europe because they did not pay damages to the victims of Nazism. Speech, in particular, on property that the citizens confiscated during the Second world war and the Holocaust, reports the Associated Press.

It is noted that criticism against countries the state Department sent a letter to the U.S. Congress. The document analyses the actions of countries aimed at compensation of damages to the population. To confiscated property employees of the U.S. Department took and “subsequently nationalized during the Communist era”.

The most severe criticism from the United States has been Poland. According to the state Department, from 5.5 thousand applications, the government granted only half. Furthermore, it is argued that the country has not approved a legal framework for working with such cases.

All the letter addresses the 46 States that participated in the signing of the final document of the International conference on assets of victims of the Holocaust in Prague in 2009. It’s called “Terezin Declaration”. According to her, the Holocaust was planned to return movable and immovable assets, insurance assets, cultural values and art.

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