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Trump admitted his desire to eliminate Bashar al-Assad

by alex

Trump admitted his desire to eliminate Bashar al-Assad

US President Donald Trump admitted that he discussed a possible plan to eliminate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This is reported by The Washington Post with reference to the interview of the head of state to Fox.

The American leader criticized former Pentagon chief James Mattis, who has been actively opposing Trump's second term in recent months. Justifying his position on this issue, Trump said that Mattis allegedly obstructed his efforts to implement the plan to eliminate Assad.

“I would prefer to remove him [Assad]. I had everything ready. Mattis didn't want to do this, ”Trump said. He also called the former US Secretary of Defense “a highly overrated general.”

When asked if he regretted not eliminating Assad, Trump stressed that he did not regret it: “I had the opportunity to kill him if I wanted to. Mattis was against it. ”

In 2018, Trump vehemently denied rumors that the United States was planning to assassinate the President of Syria. “[It] was never even discussed,” the US president said at the time, noting that such a possibility was not and will not be considered.

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