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The next pandemic will be deadlier than the coronavirus

by alex

The next pandemic will be deadlier than the coronavirus

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Council (GMA), created by WHO and the World Bank, said that humanity is about to face an even more devastating pandemic. This is indicated by the fact that, despite efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, the society remains unprepared for such disasters, despite warnings about the imminence of global outbreaks. Writes about this publication Science Alert.

According to the organization's report, the failure of countries to learn from their mistakes in the fight against coronavirus, to use all the necessary resources and to fulfill the obligations to the global community means that the next pandemic, which is bound to come, will be more deadly and destructive for the economy. The SMGG itself warned of poor preparedness for a pandemic a year ago, and no action was taken to prevent a critical situation.

Earlier it was reported that in order to save from a new pandemic, it is necessary to spend five dollars for each person in the world annually. These huge costs will pay off as they help prevent damage comparable to that caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus – estimated at about $ 11 trillion.

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