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This is a security organization: what tasks is the SCO called upon to solve

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This is a security organization: what tasks is the SCO designed to solve? Melania Golembiowska

Это организация по безопасности: какие задачи призван решать ШОС

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was created, first of all, for the purpose of security in the Central Asian region. This organization cannot be a military bloc due to the lack of a threat.

The SCO is fighting against “three types of evil”: terrorism, extremism and separatism. Alina Gritsenko, chief consultant of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, told Channel 24 about this, noting that China wants to take leadership in the region, while Russia is losing its initiative.

What problems is the SCO called upon to solve

According to Gritsenko The SCO cooperates in the fight against drug trafficking. This organization is not trying to create competition now, because it is now more concerned with theoretical problems than practical ones. The SCO cooperates at the level of ministers of justice, ministers of internal affairs, and has a cultural and humanitarian orientation.

Primarily the SCO is about security situation in the region. It is impossible to turn it into a military-political Alliance like NATO. Any alternative to NATO is impossible due to the lack of a common threat, explained the chief consultant.

She said that it is impossible to unite China and regional states against, for example, the United States, because few people in the region view this country as a military threat to their countries.

The decline of Russia and China's leadership in the region

The SCO, according to Gritsenko, developed very slowly , because Central Asia was previously considered the exclusive sphere of influence of Russian interests. Those countries that were interested in this region did not advance their interests there too quickly and carefully in order to avoid a collision with the aggressor country. Now that Russian interest in Central Asia has waned, there is a vacuum of influence in the region that other states are trying to fill.

Here we are seeing a new big game of the 21st century in Central Asia with other players, including China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey,” noted the chief consultant.

Gritsenko added that now China wants to take the initiative in the SCO and position itself as a leader. It talks about the goal of pushing the US and other extra-regional players out of the area, including its military presence.

Xi Jinping insists that Eurasia and Asia should be exclusively Asian and all security issues should be resolved by regional countries without the United States “led” by China,” noted the chief consultant.

China sees its ally in Kazakhstan, which is now strengthening its position. That is, Russia is declining in this region. The SCO meetings themselves will not lead to the adoption of important decisions or bilateral relations. They are standard and diplomatic.

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