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The United States decided to impose sanctions against the head of Hong Kong

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США решили ввести санкции против главы Гонконга

Carrie Lam

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is going to impose sanctions against its ally in China — the head of Hong Kong Carrie Lam. It is reported Bloomberg.

According to sources close to the American authorities, these measures will be focused not only on Lam and other “officials of the Communist party” of China. According to the U.S. Treasury, the sanctions will affect another 11 representatives of the Chinese authorities. The nature of these measures is not specified.

“I have no accounts in the States, so I’ll just laugh at you [in response to sanctions],” said Lam in response to the rumors about the introduction of new measures.

The relations between China and the United States remain strained since the country’s long been a trade war. In addition, serious problems in the relationship arise due to differences in the background of the pandemic COVID-19. In particular, on 22 July, the U.S. demanded that China within 72 hours to close the Consulate General in Houston: Beijing was accused of trying to steal data about the development of a vaccine against coronavirus. In response, the Chinese authorities demanded to close the us Embassy in Chengdu.

Another complication occurred July 8, when Washington called the annexation came into force the law “On national security” for Hong Kong. China insisted that these issues relate to the internal Affairs of the country. The law entitles authorities to stop the actions that will be perceived as a threat to national security: in particular, to prevent protests in the city and prosecute their leaders.

Hong Kong returned to China from the lease by agreement between him and Britain in 1997. According to the joint Declaration of China and Britain, the city was promised broad autonomy for 50 years.

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