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At the outbreak of the coronavirus in Britain accused the Muslims

by alex

Во вспышке коронавируса в Британии обвинили мусульман

The restrictive measures adopted by the British authorities to prevent new outbreaks of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, lead to the fact that the spread of the disease will be blamed on Muslims. This was stated by the representatives of the Muslim community of the country, according to CNN.

The basis for this opinion was that the local administration of several regions of great Britain last week introduced quarantine measures. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) drew attention to the fact that all of the closed regions a considerable Mohammedan population. The ban on mass events, introduced right before the religious holiday of Eid al-Fitr (’ID al-Adha), one of the most important Muslim event of the year.

“The selection of time clearly points people to the Muslims. Although the government could not think about that, but they lead to the fact that people will be angry and blame the Muslim community”, — said in a conversation with CNN, the adviser of the labour party in Manchester Ranawat Akbar.

The representative of the government in response to the request of journalists stressed that the decision on quarantine measures are taken solely on the basis of scientific data. “In places of outbreaks our priority remains to do everything necessary to protect people”, — quotes the edition of his words.

It is noted that Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously appealed to the Muslim population during the press conference. Johnson apologized to the Muslims for what they are unable to spend the holidays the way I wanted to, and thanked mosques and imams because they listened to the recommendations on safety during the epidemic.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the UK confirmed 307,2 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus new. It is known about 46.2 thousand deaths in connection with the resulting disease COVID-19.

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