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The United States called the “deadly” Russian fighters

by alex

In the United States called


The old Soviet-Russian Su-27 fighters, after modernization, are still a deadly weapon that NATO should fear, the National Interest is sure.

According to an American magazine, the Su-27SM3 is significantly cheaper than the Su-35S and provides almost the same range, but the Su-30 is potentially better suited to strike missions.

The publication, in particular, notes that the Su-27SM3 is equipped with a multi-mode radar station with a phased antenna array N035 “Irbis-E”, which is also used on the Su-35S. In addition, the Su-27SM3 are equipped with new engines and receive additional suspension points for weapons, the total number of which currently reaches twelve. Together with the reinforced airframe, the upgrade allowed the fighter to carry an additional three tons of weapons.

“The Su-27SM3 is the most advanced aircraft from the original line of single-seat Su-27s. But Russia also offers a significant number of improved versions of the two-seater Su-30: Su-30M2 and Su-30SM, ”the newspaper writes.

In August, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Russian Armed Forces would sign an agreement on the purchase of 46 Su-30SM2 and Yak-130 aircraft by the end of this year.

In the same month, the Polish portal Defense24 wrote that the Russian Su-30SM fighters, after receiving a heavy air-to-surface missile based on the Kh-32 liquid-propellant hypersonic missile, would significantly increase their own power.

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