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The UN told about the nuclear development of the DPRK

by alex

В ООН рассказали о ядерных разработках КНДР

North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons, and some countries believe that Pyongyang could create a miniature nuclear device. This writes Reuters, citing a confidential report of the United Nations (UN).

According to the report regulatory sanctions the UN experts, which presents the findings of a number of States, the past six nuclear tests in North Korea allowed her to develop a miniature nuclear device. The Agency, citing a document submitted to the sanctions Committee on North Korea the UN Security Council, reported that the DPRK continues to implement its nuclear program, including production of highly enriched uranium, and is building an experimental light water reactor.

Earlier, the former Deputy head of the Pentagon’s nuclear, chemical and biological defense, Andrew Weber said that North Korea is developing a vaccine against coronavirus, could in the future convert it into a biological weapon. “They can hide it within the legitimate sector of biotechnology”, he said.

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