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The Russians gave advice to rescue a drowned phone

by alex

Россиянам дали советы по спасению утонувшего телефона

Director of strategic communications of the ANO “Digital platform” Alexander Gavrilova gave the Russians a recommendation on how to save the phone if it fell in the water. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The expert has noticed that in the world today are produced water-resistant phone, so falling into the water may not hurt, if the unit to quickly pull out. However, Gavrilova advised for some time not to use the gadget and enable it through the day.

If the phone is not water resistant and shows no signs of life after falling into the water, you should not try to turn it on, shake or press the buttons, as this will damage the motherboard or a separate part of the apparatus. The expert stressed that some elements in the phone cannot be replaced, so there is a risk of breaking it completely.

Gavrilova recommends to address in the workshop where the experts will be dismantled, checked and dried the phone for a low price. This saves from replacing expensive parts or buy a new machine. In addition, she reminded that the SIM card fast and free to restore, and the phone to replace you can borrow from friends or colleagues. Also you can buy the cheapest camera to be connected.

Earlier the Russians said about the reasons for which they may experience difficulty in charging batteries of gadgets. This may be due to a defect of the gadget and the operating system. The owner of the phone is able to detect the cause, but to fix it needs specialists.

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