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Called the feature “burning out Russian troops” weapons

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Названа особенность «выжигающего российские войска» оружия

General Director — General designer of the Ukrainian office “the Beam” Oleg Korostelev in an interview with Defense Express dispelled common myths concerning reactive systems of volley fire (MLRS) “the Alder-M”. In February in the publication “the Censor.NO” it was called to burn out from a safe distance of the Russian troops weapons.

The chief designer noted that with the distance of 120 kilometers, the missile carries a warhead weighing 250 kilograms with the accuracy of hitting the target several meters. The specialist added that increasing the range of weapons is possible when reducing the weight of the warhead, for example, a missile with a warhead weighing 50 kilograms will be able to fly a distance of over 200 kilometers.

Korostelev said that “the Alder-M” has such a feature as a single control system, making the weapon easier and cheaper to manufacture than products with three-channel systems. According to the designer, in addition to the optimal combination of range, precision and combat power, “the Alder-M” refers to the complex in terms of aerodynamic missiles, as for stability in flight rotates around its axis with a frequency of 8-15 times a second.

The developer noted that serial deliveries to the troops of “the Alder-M” will start in 2021, and the production of weapons does not cause any difficulty.

In June, the Director of the Pavlograd chemical plant Leonid Shiman said that his company restores work on the creation of new missile complexes and hired 540 new employees. According to him, it is possible to manufacture about 2,500 guided munitions for “the Alder-M”.

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