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Test of readiness to act: what needs to be done with “Orban’s Hungary”

by alex

Test of readiness to act: what needs to be done with “Orban’s Hungary” Alexandra Sadovaya

Тест на готовность действовать: что нужно делать с "орбановской Венгрией"

Russian media wrote that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin “super-rational, calm, very cautious and a punctual politician.” He could make such a statement, because the Hungarian politician and his party play along with Russia in many ways.

Such an opinion 24 Channelvoiced by Deputy Director of the Politika analytical center Artem Bronzhukov. He stressed that the European Union faces a challenge on how to act regarding Orbán.

The challenge before the European Union

Artem Bronzhukov noted that Orban and his party are direct agents of Russian influence not only in the context of Ukraine, but also in Europe as a whole. They are trying to block many decisions on the European Union and the European Commission. Now Hungary will preside over the EU.

Deputy director of the Politika analytical center explained that part of Russia pays Orban with “black cash”, which is transferred to him in Europe, part – directly from the Druzhba oil pipeline. This problem is quite broad.

For the EU, a huge challenge is how to work with the hybrid technologies that the Russians use. Because it’s hard to call it anything other than buying the entire government of another country to influence the supranational organization that is the European Union,” he said.

According to the analyst , against the backdrop of all global challenges, the European Union must act more decisively so that Russia cannot manipulate using various European politicians. In particular, Orban and Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

“This story of how to deal with “Orban’s Hungary” today is actually a test of maturity, readiness to act in critical and difficult conditions for the European Union. If no measures are taken regarding it, then it is obvious that the EU in the form we know today will not last long,” Bronzhukov is convinced.

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