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Strategic opponent of Russia: what can Ukraine expect from the new British government

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Strategic opponent of Russia: what can Ukraine expect from the new British government Natalya Belzetskaya

Стратегический оппонент России: чего ждать Украине от нового правительства Великобритании

For the first time in 14 years, a new party has come to power in Great Britain. Labor, led by Keir Starmer, who became the new prime minister on July 5, received the most votes in the early elections.

There is no doubt that after the change of power, UK support for Ukraine will continue. Political scientist, partner of the Good Politics communication agency Maxim Dzhigun told Channel 24 about this, adding that the British definitely want to reduce Russian opportunities in the international arena.

What to expect from the new government

“As for the UK, there is less worry here that their policy may change, because this is a state that has not only been one of Ukraine’s key partners over the past two years, but also a country that is a strategic opponent of Russia,” emphasized Maxim Dzhigun.

Representatives of the Labor Party voted for important decisions in support of Ukraine, so after the elections we can hardly expect fundamental changes. In addition, we are talking about a country with a conservative society and even more conservative politics.

Despite the fact that the conservatives consider themselves a party that is more “If everything is suitable for forming a British government, Labor will definitely cope with personnel appointments and ensure that key representatives in the positions of Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance or Foreign Affairs are people who understand the intricacies of the current international situation,” the political scientist emphasized.

It is worth remembering that events in Great Britain are happening very quickly. Even before the results were published, Rishi Sunak had already admitted defeat, congratulated the Labor Party representatives and left the post of prime minister. On the same day, King Charles appointed a new prime minister. This is evidence that the British political elite understands how difficult these times are and that important decisions must be supported without delay.

Already Now we must build quality relationships with the new leadership. President Zelensky congratulated his colleagues and I am confident that our cooperation will be no less fruitful than with our political predecessors,” summed up Maxim Dzhigun.

Early elections in the UK took place on July 4. According to the results, Labor won about 400 seats in parliament, and the Conservatives received more than 100.

On the same day, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak resigned as prime minister. He assured that nothing will change on the issue of Ukraine, because our state is supported by both parties.

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