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Home News Stoltenberg expects Orban to discuss “discussions he had in Moscow” at NATO summit

Stoltenberg expects Orban to discuss “discussions he had in Moscow” at NATO summit

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Stoltenberg expects Orban to discuss “the discussions he had in Moscow” at the NATO summit Victoria Kulzhenko Sofia Nazarenko

Столтенберг ожидает, что Орбан обсудит "дискуссии, которые имел в Москве" на саммите НАТО

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Hungary informed NATO allies about Prime Minister Orban's planned visit to Moscow. Viktor Orban will share the results of the meeting in Russia during the NATO summit in Washington.

The corresponding statement was made by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This was reported by a correspondent for 24 Channel in Brussels.

Orban has visited Moscow before

According to Stoltenberg, this is not Orban's first visit to Moscow. Previously, he informed allies about his visits, and this happened again. The Secretary General emphasized that Orban does not represent NATO at the bilateral meeting with Putin, but only his country.

I expect that when Viktor Orban is in Washington for the NATO summit next week, he will have the opportunity to discuss and review the discussions he had in Moscow. This is something that happens on a regular basis between members of the Alliance, said Jens Stoltenberg.

Ukraine's sovereignty must be respected

He noted that during his meeting with Viktor Orban, he heard agreement that Russia is responsible for the war in Ukraine. Stoltenberg notes that Budapest agrees that Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty must be respected.

Stoltenberg also welcomed Orban's decision not to block NATO's military aid to Ukraine. According to him, Hungary has joined many strong statements from all NATO allies condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine and reaffirming our support for Ukraine's territorial integrity.

There are some differences of opinion, and Hungary has made it clear that it does not want to support NATO's efforts to provide more military assistance. They do not want to support financial commitments, the Secretary General explained.

The EU also responded promptly to Orban's visit to Moscow on July 5. The European External Action Service noted that he had not received any mandate from the EU Council to visit Moscow.

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