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Home News Stoltenberg does not support the idea of ​​Ukraine giving up territories in exchange for peace, Politico

Stoltenberg does not support the idea of ​​Ukraine giving up territories in exchange for peace, Politico

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Stoltenberg does not support the idea of ​​Ukraine giving up territories in exchange for peace, Politico Sofia Rozhik

Столтенберг не поддерживает идею отказа Украины от территорий в обмен на мир, Politico

Stoltenberg rules out a deal with Ukraine under the motto “land in exchange for peace”/Collage 24 Channel

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday, July 5, rejected US calls to force Ukraine to give up some territory or NATO membership in exchange for an end to the war. He also noted that there are no signs that Putin is ready for negotiations.

He explained his position by the unsuccessful Minsk agreements. They are also against the surrender of territories.

“We cannot have Minsk-3”

The two Minsk agreements of 2014 – 2015, signed with the participation of Germany and France, should have stopped Russia’s invasion of Ukraine back in 2014.

“We saw a pattern of Russian aggressive behavior against Ukraine. The war did not start in 2022, it started in 2014, when they first illegally annexed Crimea, then a few months later they entered the eastern Donbass, agreed to a ceasefire – Minsk 1 – violated it, went… even further west, agreed on Minsk-2, waited seven years, and then launched a full-scale attack and took even more,” Stoltenberg said.

Therefore, he said that this could not continue. And in order to stop the war, “something reliable” is needed.

We cannot have Minsk-3. There are no signs that Putin… is ready to negotiate peace, says NATO Secretary General.

Politiko noted that these agreements have somewhat ceased fire and allowed self-government In the east of Ukraine, however, Kyiv perceived it as “the consolidation of Russian influence on the constitutional system of Ukraine.” But Russia ended all agreements in 2022 when it launched a full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory.

“Allies and advisers to Donald Trump, a possible Republican presidential candidate, are said to are developing plans to force Kyiv to abandon attempts to reconquer Russian-controlled territories and cancel its future NATO membership in exchange for a peace agreement with Russia,” the publication added.

K In addition, Trump campaign communications director Stephen Cheng said on Tuesday, July 2, that “a quick agreement to end the Russian-Ukrainian war will be a priority during his second term.” On the same day, Putin announced that he was taking this proposal seriously.

Ukraine reacted sharply to Trump’s ideas.

There will be no compromise regarding independence or territorial integrity,” said the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Ermak.

By the way, Ukraine’s membership in NATO will be discussed during the Alliance summit on July 9–11 in Washington. Stoltenberg himself hopes for Ukraine to join NATO within the next decade.

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