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Several Dozens of Generals Are Already Behind Bars: What Putin Is Panically Afraid Of

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Several dozen generals are already behind bars: what Putin is terrified of Dzvenislava Moshovskaya

Несколько десятков генералов уже за решеткой: чего панически боится Путин

< strong _ngcontent-sc107>Russian Colonel Artem Gorodilov was detained in Ryazan. He is accused of fraud on an especially large scale. He is a war criminal who is involved in the brutal murders in Bucha.

Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko told 24 Channel that the Putin government does not want such war criminals to fall into Ukrainian captivity. The Kremlin is afraid that they will not say anything unnecessary about Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Imprisonment in Russia

Igor Yakovenko noted that Vladimir Putin would rather put the once “respected” military man Artem Gorodilov behind bars than jeopardize his rule.

The journalist named several reasons why high-ranking Russian military officers are sent to prison. First, so that in captivity a military man who had access to important information would not start talking about Russia’s crimes. Second, if a military man gains power and respect among his subordinates and tries to make his own decisions, then he is eliminated. The third reason is the excessive theft of the military elite of the Russian army.

How As a result, there are already several dozen generals behind bars in Russia. This is a lot,” Yakovenko emphasized.

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